Monday, March 9, 2009

avocado oil

i really want healthy hair and i really love oils. so why not come up with a super healthy hair oil right? well thatsnot exactly whats going to happen. i have just decided that i will be using avocado oil on the regular. i will be using it in several differnt ways to get healthy, strong and long hair.
1) i will be mixing it into my pre poo's.
2)i will be mixing it into my deep conditioners
3)and i will be mixing it with a small amount of coconut oil to seal and/or use on my scalp

heres why: avocado oil is one that is made up of proteins and vitamine E. we all know that protein is good for the hair. it keeps it strong and can also help keep moisture in the hair. vitamine E is great for hair loss. some people rather use avocado butter or a ripe avocado to make a deep conditioner but im a simple gal and i think i'll just stick to whats easier for me.

i just went to the grocery store this past weekend and picked up a bottle of virgin avocado oil. this is my first time using it and i must say while i am not fond of the smell, i do however think its going to be very easy for me to use this on the regular. i find that its lighter than olive oil so it shouldnt be an issue for me to seal with this oil. i tend to go to my trusty coconut oil or vatika fronsting(coconut oil based) because it's so light and i know that it actually penetrates the hair. well watch out coconut babe because i hear avocado oil penetrates as well. not only that but it actually has a HIGHER penetration value than oils such as almond. so for those of you in love with almond oil, why dont you give avocado a try for......say a week and see if you like it better.

im also in love with protein and anything thats supposed to keep my hair strong so thats just another "go ahead" for me to use this oil. im going to mix it with coconut oil because.......well..........i love coconut oil lmao. but also because nothing gives my hair that silky shine and softness like coconut oil. but the mix will be 2 parts avocado and only one part coconut. however, when i mix avocado into my pre poo's and deep conditioners it will NOT be mixed with any other oil.

so look out for my update of the wonders of avocado oil.

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