Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EVOO and honey

ya know ya girl loves to pre poo. and while i hate to do hot oil treatments because they just simply do not agree with my hair, i did hear about this treatment that involves oil thats suppossed to be wonderful.
what is it you ask.....well its a mix of evoo and honey. i will warm it just a little and then slather ALOT on my hair. focussing on the ends because they seem a little fuzzy tonight.

i will leave this on for an hour before i rinse and conditioner wash. i will be using oyin's honey hemp conditioner so tune in for that review as well.

i will also be using oyin's juices and berries for the first time and will give a review on that too.

i will then moisturize with miss jessies baby buttercream and seal with an oil, put my hair in one braid at the base of my neck, wrap in a scarf and call it a night.

wish me luck with these new products and stay tuned for the reviews.

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