Monday, March 30, 2009

update on evoo and honey

thanks to the poster that reminded me to do this update. i dont know how it slipped my mind.
so heres what i did: i mixed evoo and honey together in a plastic bowl. i didnt know how much of each to use so i went by eye. when i placed it on my hair i was a bit scared because it made my hair hard right away and i didnt know if it would be easy to wash out. when i finished i realized that i needed a lot more than i actually used so next time i know to be just a little more heavy handed.
so because i was nervous(and down right shaking lol) i ended up only leaving the mix on for 10-15 minutes but now i know better. when i rinsed my hair in the shower the water instantly softened the honey mix and i could tell my hair liked it. so now i know that i can leave it on without the fear of sticky hair. i also co washed it out with the mix of vo5 strawberries and cream, evoo, and a tiny bit of honey. my hair felt amazing and on top of that my hair detaingled like a breeze. that extra oil in the conditioner really helped the slip factor.

so do i recommend the evoo and honey mix as a pre poo? yes!!!!. i think the next time i try this mix it will be better because i wont rush to get it out. and it was much better on my hair than any other hot oil treatment i've done. i know i've mentioned before that for some reason HOT just makes my hair a hot tangled mess lmao.

i will be using this again.

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