Wednesday, March 25, 2009

baby buttercream

ok ladies,
this is one of the products i recieved in my sample kit from miss jeassies and so far its my fave of the bunch. i didnt do my twist out last night because i have a lot more new growth than i thought i did and it was getting tangled so i slathered on some curly pudding and my curls were instantly defined. i loved it. then i had to slick my hair back into a braid for the night and i did the slicking with the curly meringue and i can tell that for my hair this is more of a gel. i wouldnt say it wade my hair hard but it did have the hold of a gel and i hate gel so we will see what happens with that.

so this morning i took down my braid to moisturize and decided to use the baby buttercream. so i sprayed my hair with the ojon revitalizing mist and then slathered on some buttercream. my hair was instantly softened. and then i redid my pony tail.

i will say that when i put on the curly pudding you can tell that that product is just for curly hair because my relaxed ends felt so coated and nasty. my my curls were screaming for joy.

i cant wait to big chop now more than ever. i have about 7 inches or natural hair in some places and more in others. i think i will wait until december right before my birthday. by then i should have 3-5 more inches. i cant wait.

stay tuned for more miss jessie updates.

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