Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i think im giving up shampoo. not because i hate it but im just in a no shampoo kind of mood. and i remember back when i was co washing daily my hair took off. but now i am in love with WEN. well actually i have been using this cleansing conditioner for a while. almost a year to be exact. he has five flavas lol but the ones that will always be in my beauty bag is the fig and the sweet almond mint. i really love these. i'ved read reviews where people complain about the smell but i love both smells. and it doesnt last anyway.
these cleansing conditioners do just what the names say. they are conditioners that cleanse the hair. they do not lather like a shampoo but do contain ingresients that rids the scalp of dirt and oil while conditioning the hair. these products are very thick and can be used as a conditioner and leave in. i have never used it as a leave in but it is great as a cleanser and in shower conditioner. i love the way it makes the hair seem to exspand and become thicker. this will be great for me when i go all natural because i love big hair. i can just see me now with a set of wild curls curtesy of WEN and miss jessies.(smile).

anyway, if you are a no/low poo gal you might want to check these products out. its better than using cheapie conditioners and best of all, its sulfate free(so dont exspect a lather). it is rather exspensive but i always get mine from www.amazon.com and they seem to last me a while. i still have my 16oz bottle of sweet almond mint so you really do get what you pay for. its a wonderful product.

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